There are many unreliable hadiths in al-Nasa’i’s book. Their finding is that Bukhari has stringent rules for acceptance of ahadith for his collection. Ibn Khallikan’s Biographical Dictionary. Only two of these sources are entitled, “Sahih” reliable and the rest are entitled, “Sunan” traditions , but all of them are called “Sihah” plural form of “Sahih”. The book contains 7, hadiths selected from among , hadiths.

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The Sahih of Muslim. This was perhaps because he conducted greater research over these narrators and found them sound.

Al-Sihah al-Sitta

He placed them under various themes, subjects and chapters sihah sitta as: But the discussion has rendered to this day such ahadith as Mutakallam fihi those spoken about, or, discussedalthough they are few.

Ash’ath, known as Abu Dawud al-Sajistani d. He insists that each narrator of the chain should have physically met with the one before and the one coming later.

Jami Sahih Tartib al-Musnad. Sunan al-Tirmidhi was written by Muhammad b. Hanbal for editing, before making it public. In his book, Sahih wa da’if Sunan al-Nasa’iNasir al-Din al-Albani has considered over 80 hadiths in Sunan al-Nasa’i sihah sitta be unreliable with respect to their chains of transmitters, and over hadiths to be unreliable in general.


He tried to place those ahadith in his collection which other Sihah works did not include. Is every hadith of the two — Bukhari and Muslim sihh absolutely sahih? According to Shiite scholars, there are both reliable and unreliable hadiths in these books. Muslim does not consider historically proven meeting between sihah sitta narrators as an essential condition.

Al-Sihah al-Sitta – WikiShia

sihah sitta However, the idea of a larger collection could not materialize. Although it was written in the period of Imam al-Hadi a and Imam al-Hasan al-‘Askari ait has not cited any hadiths from them. Rahwayh and he too could istta been influenced by his remark about the need to compile a work consisting of sahih ahadith alone, for, he was a contemporary of Bukhari, but they were both traveling criss-cross, and independently producing their Sihah.

He is known for this shorter version which is known as Sunan al-Sughra. Encyclopedia BritannicaUltimate Reference Suite, electronic version Ash’ari Maturidi Sihah sitta Others: Musnad Ahmad Sihah sitta Hanbal.

In an answer to questions regarding the reliability of all hadiths in his book, al-Nasa’i said: Many Sunni scholars believe that Ibn Maja’s book is rife with fabricated and unreliable sitts. According sifta the Cambridge History of Iran: But there were too many. Of those who wrote commentaries, one was by Jalaluddin Suyuti d.


Islamic Pedia – SIHAH SITTAH

He too attended the classes of Is-haq b. Views Read Edit View history. It is said that when al-Bukhari finished his book, sihah sitta presented it stita prominent Sunni figures and leaders of hadiths at the time, such as Ahmad b. They are also known as Kutub al-Sittahor as the six canonical hadith works. Bukhari did not lay down the rules that he followed to accept a hadith for his Sahih.


There are many unreliable hadiths in al-Nasa’i’s book. According to the Shi’a, there are reasons to cast doubts sihah sitta the reliability of Sahih al-Bukharisitya the following:. However, some Sunni scholars believe that there are unreliable and even fabricated hadiths in al-Sihah al-Sitta.

Sunni The Authentic Six.

He took it with him to the room, and began to search for the hadith. Cambridge History of Iran.