The inefficiencies identified are mostly related with short of regional and national planning among oil and gas operators, under-utilization of facilities, redundancy efforts, short of shared information and little or no measurement of performance. Local goods and services needed by the industry are not properly promoted and used. Long processing lead time will affect procurement KPI and also will have an effect in the company operation activity. The participants were given the opportunity to choose an area for analysis from the list of top ten causes that has chance to be improvement areas, and encouraged to choose what they considered most advantageous. There are possibly more than one cause that identifiable, one event lead to another subsequently. Huang procurement and logistics planning and implementation effort in these regional operational areas. Adalah salah satu perusahaan kontraktor kontrak kerja sama kkks yang ditunjuk bpmigas untuk melakukan proses pengeboran minyak dan gas bumi di indonesia.

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Local Content Requirement in Indonesian Oil and Gas Industry – Legisperitus

The PTK regulation stated that at least three bidders passing the prequalification and submitting the bid but in the reality it is not that easy. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Surabaya Job Petronas Carigali Muriah Ltd, we arre Company that have demonstrated remarkable growth and performance to emerge as a Fortune Global company.

Further, the following steps were performed: Kami memasang iklan pada konten yang Anda ingin jelajahi. Table 2 presents the possible root cause and solutions of BP Migas approval. Create a free bpmjgas or blog at WordPress. Therefore the costs includes direct material costs, direct labor pbmigas, indirect factory overhead costs, excluding profit, company overhead costs and value added tax in regards to transfer of goods.

Lowongan Migas Juni PT. From the 17 main factors identified through the empirical study, top five improvement factors in were extracted for a more detailed description.


Is one of the contract with bpmigas. Every activity regarding Oil and Gas exploitation have to be in line with Article 33 of National Act UUD it is stated that land, water, ptk 007 bpmigas their containing natural resources are possessed by the state and bpmifas used for people utmost well being, Government of Indonesia became the owner of all oil and natural gas resources with responsibility given to Energy and Mineral Resources Department.

The term of reimbursable costs through process of procurement is commonly known as cost recovery. Huang the ptkk economic benefits for Indonesia.

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To ensure that the operations in each block are running smoothly, the operator develops its own exclusive supply chain infrastructure for each block. As a consequence of the current operating system and methodology, many issues persist regarding excess capacity in logistics support, high mobilization costs for individual projects, lead times in procurement and redundancy in ptk 007 bpmigas management.

Every petroleum company, particularly in Indonesia, always has procurement division. The upstream process includes the exploration, forecasting, production, and logistics management of delivering 0007 oil from remotely located oil wells to refineries Hussain et al.

Bpmitas the main causes from this reason are engineering estimation of cost in purchase request was not longer valid, long Summary of Quotation SOQ review and long documents completion from ptk 007 bpmigas. Huang Indonesian government to make this procurement process more attractive and simple and setting up a new business process and new tools that can synergize user, procurement analyst, vendor npmigas other related ptk 007 bpmigas thus it can improve the PIXI SCM performance.

Ptm Content Regulation sets out the target objective of local content percentage for commodities used on oil and gas industry for the next 10 years as seen below:. The calculation on local content on services is made based on comparison between the local services cost against the total services cost, bpkigas general the whole costs for services until costs on site. Possible root causes were during the session systematized and listed for prioritizing.


Integrating supply chain and critical chain concepts in engineer-procure-construct EPC projects. As shown in the Figure 1, it represents the major supply chain links in the oil and gas industry.

The links represent the interface between companies and materials that flow through the supply-chain. The calculation on combination of local content on goods and services is made combining the calculation of goods and services up to the point of on site.

Inpex is the operator of masela block abadi project These actions were evaluated in an in-house session at PIXI, with selected participants from the earlier interviews and brainstorming. Participants were encouraged to evaluate and rank top three most critical possible root causes.

ptk 007 bpmigas download

This is mainly related to long lead time in procuring materials or services. Ptk 007 bpmigas calculation itself for each ptk 007 bpmigas pttk goods is using the method in which the total cost direct material costs, direct labor costs, and factory overhead minus the foreign component costs on each aspect divided with total costs, resulting in the percentage of local content on goods. Montdor Oil Tungkal Ltd.

Thus, they think this awry reason is still complicated to solve. Most users in PIXI are still have the opinion that the procurement process is not fast enough to meet 0077 expectation and more streamlined and simple bureaucratic procedure is needed. Conclusions The results of the empirical investigation and analysis of this master thesis show that PIXI has potential of long lead time reduction and increased procurement KPI by increasing the focus on supply chain management bpmiga procurement function.