In addition, the Terradons carry big rocks that they can drop on the enemy. The scales of a Saurus became thicker and stronger throughout the ages. Slanns all sit on a levitating stone Palanquins when moving about, which allows them to not be considered on foot and protects them from Dangerous Terrain tests. In the campaign , they have 4 playable sub-factions. This heralds the beginning of a long war, where Lustria is decimated by plague and fire.

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It is unknown when exactly, or how, the Saurus were conceived, but it is lizardmdn they were adapted from the native lizard species of Lustria and their sturdy construction is a testament to such a heritage. They are also the ones most able to decipher the plan of the Old Ones though they are definitely a step below.

Thanquol details the final moments of the Lizardmen.

The Lizardmen have taken to use Salamanders on the battlefield as moving flamethrowers. The Stellar Staff which is decorated with an orrery, facilitates Tetto’eko’s casting of the Comet of Casandora spell. Whereas the boundaries of most other cities simply merge with the jungle, Hexoatl has mighty walls and serried ranks of Saurus patrol its plazas. They don’t age, they simply get stronger and more skilled at what they do. The crystal of the Solar Engine emits a powerful glow that excites the nearby Lizardmen and can be concentrated to fire a beam of light.

Lizardmen are not a single race but a society of different cold-blooded creatures who dwell in temple-cities that tower over the southern jungles. Lizardnen this time, generations of Slann were spawned on the lizarmen as it was being shaped to how the Old Ones wished it.


Though Itza is the First City, Hexoatl has eclipsed it in importance due to its status as home to Lord Mazdamundithe most active of all the remaining Slann Mage-Priests. Periodic missions allow access to powerful Blessed variants of certain units.

The Old Ones were a godlike lizagdmen – worshipped by the Lizardmen – who travelled the stars and terraformed the world in ages past, before the ancient enemy invaded. The story is notable for killing off many of the Slann, including the two special Slann characters Lord Mazdamundi and Lord Kroak.

The apocalypse begins with the Lizardmen defending their lands from a Daemonic invasion that rivals the initial Chaos Incursion after the Great Catastrophe somehow, despite the Polar Warpgates not changing and the Elven Vortex still happily sucking up all the Magic. In previous Lizardmen army books, they had a more active role in leading the species, but apparently they are now more sleepy.

Lizardmen – 1d4chan

As a last resort they pleaded to the Horned Rat to help them. They are distinguished on the battlefield thanks to their Cool Helmet made out of a monster skull and heavier lizardmeen. The rate at which the Lizardmen spawn is assumed to be quite high, as they are constantly being worn down in battles of attrition. Not to be confused with the Old OnesCold Ones are basically velociraptor-like animals that are used as cavalry.

Lizardmen (Warhammer)

They are all over the place as the Lizardmen can manage to tame the lizard beasts of the jungle, which all evoke dinosaurs as giant scaled creatures with teeth. The Great White Lizard is a huge and immensely powerful Saurus who rose alone from his spawning pool in Itza, clearly marked for greatness from his first moments.


The Battletome also details a Skink Starpriest to approach a Slann before they materialise on the Mortal Realms with the rest of the army, suggesting that the Seraphon may exist beyond the battlefield. The Skink heroes are named after references to their small size Itzibitzi, Tenehuini etc.

Skaven sacrifice to be exact. All Lizardmen are more technically sexless and just come into existence from special pools in their jungle cities rather than any sort of sexual reproduction. They make ample use of the poisonous fauna of the jungle and its dinosaur-like monsters, from the slumbering Stegadon, to the Cold Ones and Teradon that the Lizardmen will ride, up to the mighty Carnosaur.

Lizardmen rites give faction-wide bonuses, and allow special units to be recruited. Cast them out, show them no pity, feed their carcasses to the beasts of the jungle and leave their bones to bleach upon the golden shores of our land.

Lizardman – Wikipedia

Lizardmen are a normal, non- horde faction who occupy settlements and control provinces. They’re then toweled off, logged in the records and sent to where they are needed. The Slann can simply summon them from the ships. In times of war, the skinks take up weapons such as blowpipes and javelins and march to battle with their warrior cousins, led by stronger Skink War Chiefs.

Kroxigors are giant crocodilian creatures whose bodies consist of slabs of sinewy muscle and a massive jaw bristling with razor-sharp teeth. These things are captured, presumably as eggs, and placed inside mountainside Temples, there they are worshipped as a physical manifestation of the Old Ones power.