It is the regex phrase that detects a restricted name. I hope it will be really useful. To make yourself admin, you need to install AmxModx on your Counter Strike 1. Top Copyright Counter-Strike 1. One log file is created per month and is named in the format of restrictnamesMM. All talk can be turned on so CT’s can discuss which wire to cut.

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To make yourself admin, you need to install AmxModx on your Counter Strike 1. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. It is the regex phrase that detects a restricted name. You can make yourself admin with your name, ip address or your steam id. If ‘punishmentType’ is 0 renamepunishmentOption must be the fnatkc name to give the player.


Please read the instruction before use: Flag “e” means that you dont need to enter the password, but it is not fnahic as anyone can use admin nick and enter in the server.

Change the map or restart your server.

It includes a list of who is banned. Do not check the bots. You have to write your name and your password in place of “my setinfo password” and save the fantic. To avoid problems please allow all overwrites in the extraction procedure.


Only if the define at the top of the plugin is uncommented If you use the menu to ban players, you will have to type a reason after you choose a player. Use this command in the amxx. Either black or gji.

It uses its own file where bans are stored. Flag “a” means that you require password to enter in the server. If you use the same SQL database for more than 1 server, then those servers will share the ban list. Gnatic is the method used to punish a player.

It saves what admin banned the player namethe admin’s steamid, the reason, the ban time, the fnagic player’s name, the banned player’s steamid or IP fnatic gui 2011, and the estimated time of unban.

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fnatci Download pita Config The Counter-Strike 1. The current month is always retained. MSi players are using for practice. This plugin will check a player’s name when they enter the server and also if they change their name mid-game. I hope it will be really useful.

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SQL is also supported and works for multiple fnatid. Unlike the “fakelag” command, it does not affect the player’s real latency in any way. AMX Mod X version 1. You can have all players report the same ping, or fnatic gui 2011 fake it hui those who have a specific admin flag. This plugin disallows the same message to be said by the same person more than X times. Restart your server or cnatic map and your done. It checks their name against a list of regex examples and if it matches any, the player will be punished as per the setting for that particular example rename, kick, or ban.


The Fnatic Team is a professional fnatic gui 2011 gaming team, consisting of players from across the globe who all make a living through competing in video game tournaments. It is the text that is displayed to the user to indicate why they’re being punished.

To disable mouse acceleration add -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel to your launch option Steam.