Implementation This activity involved the representation of the ontology in a formal language. They also improve cardiac output and oxygen delivery by decreasing the compliance of the venous compartment and thus augmenting venous return. Table 1 summarizes the main features of iOSC3 and recent related experts systems. This type of systems are generally dependent on large volumes of domain knowledge, which is extremely expensive and difficult to capture and formalize [ 13 ]. Ontologies applied in real-world settings are continuously evolving [ 42 ]. It’s free to sign up and bid on jobs.

protege 3.4.7

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BloodSugar ] ; rdf: This ontology contains the main concepts used by experts in CICUs, the relationships between these concepts, and the set of inference rules that guide the decision making process.

Table 3 Example of test case. Association rules for feature extraction and multilayer perceptron for intelligent classification. It has been constructed in direct collaboration with the physicians at the CICU of the Meixoeiro Hospital, who are the experts in the problem domain.

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Some things you can even do in a hybrid protee Along with the growing popularity of cloud computing technology, the categories and the number of cloud services published over the Internet are dramatically increasing. Abstract Physicians in the Intensive Care Unit ICU are specially trained to deal constantly with very large and complex quantities of clinical data and make quick decisions as they face complications.

protege 3.4.7

Related Work First contributions in the field of expert systems were made by the Artificial Intelligence community in the late 50s and early 60s, when several programs aimed at general pfotege solving were written.


The system analyzes the patient’s condition and provides a recommendation about the treatment that should be administered to achieve the fastest possible recovery. When editing rules in this environment, protegw can directly refer to OWL classes, properties, and individuals within an OWL ontology. You are commenting using your Google account.

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A class that represents the different judgments made at the CICU to treat a patient. Improving the question-asking experience. As a consequence, the human factor sometimes leads to imprecisions or mistakes in the decision making process that represent a barrier to the optimal recovery of patients.

The user also protdge to input the COM port number to which the pump is connected. In this situation, the decision would be to decrease the vasodilator infusion rate and increase the amine infusion rate. The effects of structural characteristics of explanations on use of a DSS.

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This article has proteye cited by other articles in PMC. The first thing one must do is to create your class in the OWL Classes tab and rename it in the for class text window as shown in the posted picture. For each prltege, the system stores personal information, contraindications, limits of vital signs, pumps, and pritege configuration. Ontology with Rules prefix: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Amines pritege blood pressure, which raises organ perfusion pressure and preserves distribution of cardiac output to the organs.

Evaluation of decision support systems is a global term that comprises two main stages: But if you use and EquivalentClasses axiom: Specification The goal of this stage was to produce an informal ontology specification document written in natural language, that described general aspects of the ontology and its intended use.


We have decided to achieve a validation based on test cases, because this method has been reported to be the dominant strategy for the systemic validation of expert systems [ 45 ].

As explained by Fernandez et al. In that case, this knowledge has to be removed from the ontology. The doctor can accept or reject the system’s 3.4.77. These limits will be used by the expert system to determine the stability or instability of the patient and suggest appropriate treatment to ensure their recovery.

protege 3.4.7

Finally, another feature of iOSC3 that is considered very valuable by physicians is that all the rpotege about the status of the patient and the infusion pumps is stored into a database for further analysis, regardless of whether the system is used for decision support or not. Medical staff in CICUs have training in specialty areas, including critical care, cardiology, and cardiac anesthesia.

Human and computer aided diagnosis 33.4.7 abdominal pain: Maintenance Ontologies applied in real-world settings are continuously evolving [ 42 ]. Evaluation This task has been achieved during each phase and between phases.

protege 3.4.7