I probably even stopped listening to it totally for few years, until when sometime in I bought the vinyl version of the album. After this release, Baphomet had to change their name and sadly disbanded after only another album, but they made their point with this record and it stands as a trophy of what this band could do best. The slow and fast parts are mixed well within songs, with more of the former than the latter. Multiple positive points can be found when listening this album, but Tom Frost’s vocals effortlessly steal the spotlight. Listen with the lights off.

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I though their vocalist left or something so they made a new group. It’s one of those albums that proves to be a classic in spite of the constant chugging and pounding with little reference to anything by way of contrast, be it acoustic interludes or even an obligatory guitar solo.

Tom’s vocal patterns are also cleverly connected in memorable and catchy ways that aren’t forgettable in any way at all.

Baphomet (NY) – The Dead Shall Inherit (album review ) | Sputnikmusic

Hawks July 4th Comments. Many of the songs are structured similarly, and while all of them are great tracks, they don’t quite provide the variety to keep the album interesting near the end of the album, despite the clear qualities of each individual track.

Though, the actual playing may not be super technical, the bass is catchy and stands out throughout the album. From hanging out with the drummer in my band a lot, I’ve come to realize how well a drummer really is from the sound and time signatures used within their playing.

The guitars riff with great effectiveness and head through tremolo picked and chorded segments with good proficiency, with th in the way of variation in each part and with a very solid synergy with the drums. The drums are vary in pace quite considerably but are mostly played in fast double bass patterns with intricate variations and with some slower sections. Baphomet’s aural assault is as slippery with gore as a heart cut from a chest, as sloppily hideous as the lurching zombies that adorn the front cover, and thick with sludge and filth; grotesquely simplistic in its sinister violence.


There’s many of those riffs where you’d just like to headbang, and even growl along with the vocalist though you may not know the lyrics hehe. Bapbomet I love both bands, I’m a big fan of these vocals. This is a lost classic of the Death Metal genre.

One band that sprung from New York in the late ‘s was Baphomet, but they were somewhat forgotten during death metal’s uprising. Next, Shalo like to point out that the bass work is amazing. There’s not a weak moment on this album. Abysmal Torment The Misanthrope.

BAPHOMET — The Dead Shall Inherit LP, 22,99 €

Lastly, we have the vocal work. And the singer has one of the lowest DM voices ever. This famous quad was highly similar to several bands at this time, but Baphomet brought some new ideas to the table with “The Dead Shall Inherit.

They don’t get white washed by the many other well-known death metal bands from the ‘s and early 90’s. The slow and fast parts are mixed well within songs, with more of the former than the latter.

BAPHOMET – The Dead Shall Inherit LP

In essence, I’m seeking after an equivalent to “The Dead Shall Inherit”, and early 90s exercise in the most primitive and nasty sounding death metal courtesy of the short-lived New York band Baphomet. The album opens with the predictably crushing The Sufferingwhich immediately opens with an awesome pair of riffs after a short intro section, with some great drum work and a good set of tempo changes that set the song on a brutal course. Baphomet reeks of that old school sound, but they still have that tge sound.

All in all, if you want baphomet the dead shall inherit good dose of hyper fast moments with evil and mid pace ones, you must listen to baphomet the dead shall inherit piece of morbid death metal and it will not let you down. The influences are very audible: There’s many positive things about this death metal album.


In conclusion, whilst this album is neither original nor required listening, it IS a good, refreshing collection of Death Tthe anthems. I don’t want my ghouls to be diabolically effective or super-human rejects from a debacle in gene-splicing, I want the old mystique of the feeble and slow reanimated cadaver, one by itself not being threatening, but a legion of them can tear all their hapless limb from limb.

At times the songs tend to run together a bit, imherit differing based on how long they stay in an agitated, almost seizure-like state versus the down tempo grooving.

Everything from traditional blastbeats to multiple bass hits are done with ease and clear profession without sounding too overdone.

I mean even Convulse are regrouping. This drummer is very enjoyable, especially when it comes to the variations in the double bass pedals as well as the cymbal usage.

Since Read followed the norms of a ordinary death metal, you’re probably wondering why they’re considered so special. This recording definitely deserves being labelled as a classic, an album that has an immortal power and that will slay even if another 10 years will pass.

Age Of Plague likewise features varying speeds and crushing riffs, while album closer Streaks Bsphomet Bloodwhich was later covered by Dying Fetus, shuffles along at a slow and brutal tempo that makes it one of the best tracks on the album in conjunction with its superior riff quality, while and absolutely crushing breakdown is also featured and tastefully applied.